About us


Duracoat has a long history as a specialized powder coating company. We offer a very wide range of coating services based on different techniques and products.

Our offerings have grown systematically and over the years. After 50 years, we are the point of contact for industrial customers at home and abroad for small, large and complex coating jobs.

From our expertise in technical coating products and associated application techniques, we seek cost-effective total solutions for every project. Regardless of size or technical complexity.


In 1968, Walter Van Os founded the limited liability company “Van Os” in Bornem. After twenty years, Raf Van Os succeeded Walter, following his far too early death.


Two years later, the joint-stock company “Duracoat” was founded and that same year an automatic powder coating line was installed.


In 2018, the paint shop celebrated its 50th anniversary. With Lakkerij Vandereyt, or V coat from now on, together we offer the whole range of organic coatings, from wet coating over powder coatings to thermoplastic and even fluorine coatings. In 2021, there was the acquisition of Het Veer nv and in 2023, it was time for renewal. Van Os-Duracoat becomes Duracoat and gets a completely new website and corporate identity.

Corporate values

Duracoat belongs to the holding company Het Veer. The group includes 13 different companies and operates in 5 different sectors: medium voltage, concrete, metal, ERP software & Real Estate.

Our values

All subsidiaries within Het Veer’s holding company together carry the same OP KOERS values. Duracoat also expresses these 7 values, both to customers and internally with colleagues. The same values are also reflected in our services and daily operations.

Professional and respectful are two values that are especially important to Duracoat.

Since 1968, Duracoat has offered a professional metal coating for any application or challenge. This makes us the point of contact when it comes to the competence and execution of metal coatings.

Respect in the workplace and both respect in dealing with customers, Duracoat values highly. Ethical business is also important; this means that we act based on certain standards and values.


Our mission is to be the professional durable metal coating specialist day in and day out for all your applications.

This means we carry the values of knowledge, reliable service, excellent craftsmanship and internal togetherness.

Our certificates

    As a professional metal coating company, Duracoat stands for top quality. By following standardized procedures, Duracoat received the ISO 9001:2015 -certificate for surface treatment of metals, pigmentation and sales of coating powders.

    Abcite coatings have passed tests according to ISO 12944-6 and ISO 20340 and meet the criteria for the very highest corrosion resistance C5-M and Im 3.

    Abcite coatings have a hydrocheck certificate For organic coatings in contact with drinking water. This certificate was awarded by Belgaqua.

    Fourth, Duracoat's coating products have a food compliance certificate.

Active in these sectors


Public transportation


Truck & Bus




Water Industry

Construction Industry



The benefit for our customers

    Niche knowledge in house

    We are very proud of our niche expertise and want to share it. Therefore, we regularly give information sessions on our coating products and the corresponding application techniques and also participate in various trade fairs.

    Excellent craftsmanship

    Sustainable and quality craftsmanship remains the absolute top priority. Therefore, we check our own paint and coatings work several times during the paint process. Both machine and manual. Even coating applications according to specifications do not deter us.

    Reliable service

    Respect for agreements made and reliable delivery times are the essence in our powder coating company. Our customers can have 100% peace of mind that their parts will arrive punctually and in excellent condition.

    Internal togetherness

    Based on our family tradition, we attach great importance to a pleasant, collegial and safe working environment for all our employees. We deliberately choose direct and respectful communication at every hierarchical level. Everyone is approachable. This also translates to smooth communication with customers.

Our team

Join our team!

Are you in need of a future full of color? Then be sure to take a look at our job page, as we are always looking for new Sailors who are up for a challenge!

By the way, we attach great importance to our employees. With us, you can count on a pleasant, collegial and safe working environment!