Duracoat specializes in


    To protect metal surfaces, we apply plastic coatings such as Abcite®, Rilsan® and Resicoat®. We do this with various plastification techniques such as vertebral sintering or hot spraying.

    Fluorinated coatings

    Duracoat has a wide range of options in surface treatment techniques and therefore also in printing. As a final finish, we can also print or print on your coated products or painted parts. V coat provides a total solution through various in-house printing techniques.

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    Powder coating

    Powder coatings are environmentally friendly and stand for scratch-resistant results. Powder coating applies to all kinds of ferrous metals. V coat does it all with a structural focus on quality.


    The quality of powder or wet-lacquer coating stands or falls with proper and thorough pre-treatment of the materials. Only then will you get an even, scratch-resistant and beautiful end result.

    Abcite® coating

    For corrosion protection and chemical resistance, Abcite® is recommended. As well as for extreme corrosion protection in water treatment in the marine and offshore sector.

    Additional Services

    Duracoat also offers the solution for additional services. One of the sister companies within the group, V coat, specializes in printing, assembly and EMI shielding.

Quality Assurances from Duracoat

    As a professional metal coating company, Duracoat stands for top quality. By following standardized procedures, Duracoat received the ISO 9001:2015 -certificate for surface treatment of metals, pigmentation and sales of coating powders.

    Abcite coatings have passed tests according to ISO 12944-6 and ISO 20340 and meet the criteria for the very highest corrosion resistance C5-M and Im 3.

    Abcite coatings have a hydrocheck certificate For organic coatings in contact with drinking water. This certificate was awarded by Belgaqua.

    Fourth, Duracoat's coating products have a food compliance certificate.

The benefits of working with Duracoat

    Niche knowledge in house

    We are very proud of our niche expertise and want to share it. Therefore, we regularly give information sessions on our coating products and the corresponding application techniques and also participate in various trade fairs.

    Excellent craftsmanship

    Sustainable and quality craftsmanship remains the absolute top priority. Therefore, we check our own paint and coatings work several times during the paint process. Both machine and manual. Even coating applications according to specifications do not deter us.

    Reliable service

    Respect for agreements made and reliable delivery times are the essence in our powder coating company. Our customers can have 100% peace of mind that their parts will arrive punctually and in excellent condition.

    Internal togetherness

    Based on our family tradition, we attach great importance to a pleasant, collegial and safe working environment for all our employees. We deliberately choose direct and respectful communication at every hierarchical level. Everyone is approachable. This also translates to smooth communication with customers.

Fancy working together?

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We will gladly explain our knowledge and tailored advice in a no-obligation, personal conversation. In doing so, tell us about your coating challenges and we will be happy to think with you!

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